What’s up, Chang?

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That first time you look at her

And you feel an all-powerful, all-consuming, all-encompassing,


Nothing gets hot, nothing gets interested. Nothing: gets lonely.

So you look again and again. Teaching yourself how to see her

Backwards and sideways and heartbroken

So you know just how…


Just gonna throw it out there- “feminazis” aren’t real. Stop equating genocide to that one time a girl told you to stop being a sexist piece of shit. 

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"Tony had been somebody we’ve talked about since season 1 and sort of a dream and his birth was a slow process over the season… we got inspired by images we saw on tumblr, on youtube or anywhere… there is so much more awareness of trans stories and to get to tell those stories on Orphan Black which is about identity and not being kind of contained by your biology or by your upbringing but exploring all of the nuances of that, I think it was just kinda the right move for us and he was an amazing addition for me to the group."

Tatiana Maslany on EWLive (about Tony) (x)

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Why don’t you try enchanting the lips of someone I’ll actually kiss.

I cannot express how much I love this.

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